Dadchelor parties: Why dads-to-be are hosting their own baby showers

Dadchelor parties

Man showers? Dadchelor parties? The last hurrah for a dad-to-be? Men have started celebrating their soon-to-be sons and daughters by hosting ‘men-only’ baby showers.

In the past, baby showers have typically excluded the father-to-be, sending him away from the house while the mom-to-be and her friends play games, eat food, and open gifts to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby. Recently, men have decided it’s time for them to join in by hosting their own celebrations: men-only showers or, more commonly, “dadchelor” parties.

Pinterest reported that they saw a 149 per cent jump in the number of pins for men-only baby showers in 2015. Coed baby shower celebration pins also increased by 255 per cent.

What is a “dadchelor” party?

Dadchelor parties are baby showers for men, and men only. Soon-to-be dads are joining in on the fun of baby showers and hosting their own parties with their guy friends. Just because they don’t have a baby bump, doesn’t mean dads-to-be can’t celebrate this big step too, right?

What happens at these parties?

Dads-to-be are hosting these parties anywhere and everywhere. Popular locations for dadchelor parties include bars, backyards, ski hills, golf courses, or anywhere sport-related. Although every party is different, usually catered to the soon-to-be dad’s interests, they almost always include drinking, eating, and (drinking) games.

What’s the difference between a man’s baby shower and a traditional baby shower?

Traditional baby showers tend to exclude the dad-to-be, leaving the mom-to-be to celebrate with her family and friends. At these showers, the guests typically play games like ‘guess the baby food,’ ‘dirty diapers’ (it’s always chocolate, we promise), or ‘don’t say baby’ while they sip on tea and eat party sandwiches and cake. Guests also bring baby-themed gifts, which are opened by the mom-to-be at the party.

Some parents-to-be choose to celebrate together by hosting a coed shower. According to Crystal Adair-Benning, owner of Distinct Occasions wedding and event planning in Toronto, coed showers have a more sophisticated and party-like vibe.

Dadchelor parties, however, are more like frat parties. One suggested theme on Pinterest, for example, is “Huggies and Chuggies”—the guests bring diapers and the dad-to-be provides the beer.

Why are men having baby showers?
More than just an excuse for some ‘guy time,’ dadchelor parties are also a celebration of the new baby, and the major change a father-to-be is about to experience. Think of it as a final night of freedom—one that is maybe even more significant than a bachelor party, since couples’ lives often change more dramatically after having a baby than they do after marriage.

by Ashley Posluns

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