Summer camp: The latest trend in destination weddings

Wedding party

Nostalgia, bug spray and champagne will fill your trendy destination wedding this summer.

Former campers fondly remember summers spent jumping into a freezing cold lake, making new friends, tye-dying t-shirts and going on picnics. Now, engaged couples (and their guests) can relive those childhood memories with a summer camp destination wedding.

Summer camps offer a perfect venue for those couples that have a love for the outdoors and can’t resist some rustic, old school fun. Julie and Adam got married at Kananaskis Country Campgrounds in Alberta and, with the help of family, were able to create almost all of their wedding decorations themselves. Who knew a destination wedding could be low-key and budget-friendly?

Rather than simply having a half-day event, a summer camp wedding gives couples an opportunity to spend a full weekend with their closest friends and family. Amy, a bride who got married at Camp Tapawingo in Parry Sound, chose a summer camp wedding because she wanted it to “feel like a relaxed weekend at the cottage with friends and family.”

There’s something for everyone to do, whether it’s canoeing, swimming, hiking, or relaxing by the water with a book. Depending on the camp, you may also be able to plan group activities, such as a morning yoga class or singing and roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Drew Taylor, co-owner of a summer camp in Maine, says “what happens is that the wedding weekend turns into a family reunion, or it’s a time for the families from both sides to really get to know each other.” Plan friendly competition games that have one side of the family vs. the other—or better yet, parents vs. newlyweds and siblings or friends.

If you’re thinking twice about the destination because of your guests, don’t. According to Alison Bartolone, who got married at a summer camp in Ohio, you don’t need to worry about those guests that might not be “game for showering in a public shower and all.” Her guests, even the ones she was unsure of, “were enthusiastic and had a lot of fun.”

by Ashley Posluns

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