IMG_3582If you love trending news, beauty products, cool ideas, and books (oh, and the oxford comma), you’ll feel right at home here! This blog will cover everything from trending news to product reviews (I’m also a poet (just kidding)). I get excited about last-minute plans, could get lost for hours in a store full of pens, and would have a cup of tea with pretty much anyone.

Having been a member of all social networks since the beginning of social-media time, there isn’t a platform I’m unfamiliar with. Let’s be social! Connect with me anywhere @ashleyposluns.

A media-fanatic and publishing-guru, I am a graduate of the Media, Information, and Technoculture program at Western University and the Book, Magazine, and Electronic Publishing program at Centennial College. I’m an ear, an eye, and a voice—tell me anything, show me anything, ask me anything.